Dobie Village

May 24, 2013

We’re making progress on Dobie Village. We have started insulating the ceiling of the first house and the paneling, made to resemble a log cabin, this is Tennessee after all, has been placed on the walls. It’s starting to take shape!

Dobie Village panel 1

Dobie Village panel 2

May 24, 2013

Dobie Village is well underway! We have two houses set up. The air conditioners are in, the electric has been installed in both buildings and the thermal and sound insulation is going in. It should be complete by the end of the weekend. The paneling will be next and the houses will be ready for occupancy! We’re excited and we’ll share pictures with you throughout the project. Click on any picture for a higher resolution image.

Dobie Village DV 1

Dobie Village DV 002


Dobie Village DV 003


We want to announce the start of a concept we are calling Dobie Village! This is a dream we had when we started Baptist Ridge Dobermans and the first concrete steps were taken on May 14, 2013. Interested in knowing what it’s all about? Check out our May newsletter. When you’re done reading please sign up for our newsletter. We promise, we do not spam you, nor do we use your e-mail address for anything but Baptist Ridge Doberman news.

In short, Dobie Village is a community for our Dobermans. Each Doberman actually has their own home. When we say home, we mean exactly that. Each house is complete with electric, air conditioning and heat. Each home will have a small couch our Dobies can curl up on. If you’ve ever owned a Doberman you know how much they love couches!

We’re just getting started and we’ll be posting more pictures here as progress goes along.

Dobie Village 100_2069 Dobie Village 100_2060 Dobie Village 100_2061 Dobie Village 100_2062 Dobie Village 100_2063 Dobie Village 100_2065 Dobie Village 100_2066 Dobie Village 100_2067 Dobie Village 100_2068



Every home in Dobie Village has it’s own yard of twenty-five feet by seventy-five feet with access to a two acre field in which they can run and play with other dogs to keep them well socialized. When you’re shopping for a puppy make sure you consider all of the conditions your pups come from. How are the parents housed? How are the puppies housed? Is the breeder AWA/USDA licensed? Are the puppies raised in the home, with people constantly around, or in a plastic kiddie pool with no one around? We believe in a hands-on approach to raising a Doberman. Every delivering mother has her pups under our watchful eyes, in a maternity ward within our home. Every mother is coddled through the entire process. Every pup is handled within minutes of being born. We firmly believe this results in a mild, stable and confident Doberman. Owners of our puppies agree, as is evidenced on our testimonial page.