Ear Cropping

All of the dogs pictured on this page have had their ears cropped by our vet, Ragland and Riley

Baptist Ridge Dobermans offers an ear cropping option for each Doberman puppy. You can read all of the details below. Many vets do not perform the procedure anymore and, worse, many vets offer the service but do not have a great deal of experience performing this delicate task. We can’t imagine anything worse than having a poor crop done on your new puppy’s ears. Our vet has performed ear cropping for many years and, as the pictures on our site show, does a fantastic job.

There are some considerations you have to understand to take advantage of this service. We will for a month past the normal pickup date. This is because our vet, Ragland and Riley, does not perform ear cropping until the pup is 8 weeks of age. Second, we do not keep the pup until the ears stand. We will have our vet crop the ears at 8 weeks, then keep the pup an additional ten days until the stitches are removed. After that you must find a vet that will post the ears until they stand. That is your responsibility.

Throughout the period your pup is here, we will post pictures on at least a weekly basis (though we usually post pictures every few days) of your pup at our facilities. Take a look at Chestnut to the left. She went through the cropping procedure in December 2012 and we think she looks outstanding! Click on her picture to see a higher resolution image. You will be able to see the progress of your pup throughout the entire time.

Because this procedure is performed after the typical pickup date, both the puppy and the ear cropping must be paid for in advance.

The details of this service, and the additional costs, are listed below. If you’re interested in Baptist Ridge Dobermans cropping your pups ears for you please let us know. We’ll be glad to talk with you about it.

Ear Cropping performed by Ragland and Riley Veterinary Services.

Here is a recent actual bill from Ragland and Riley so you can see what the costs are. All re-tapings and follow-up visits are covered by these costs. Click on the bill to see the full sized image if you can’t make out the detail on your computer.

Laser surgery Ear Cropping $404.00
6 weeks - Parvovirus, Deworming and puppy examIncluded
8 weeks - Distemper, Adenovirus 2, Parainfluenza, Parvovirus, Hepatitis, Leptospirosis (DAPPL), DewormingIncluded
Food and Boarding, vet trips, retaping, cod liver oil supplement, etc.$24
Weekly photos and/or videos of your puppy on the websiteIncluded
10 Day Health CertificateIncluded
Total For Service$430.00


What we have learned about ear cropping

We have used our vet, Ragland and Riley, for several years and are very happy with them. They perform all of the ear cropping on our puppies and Dr. Ragland has told us a secret we wanted to share with you folks. He swears it works and, while it sounded odd to us before we tried it, we swear by it too! You have to understand, not a single dog we have had cropped took more than two months for their ears to stand perfectly. If you have followed the pictures of Chestnut on her page you’ll know that her ears were standing perfectly within a month and her ears were cropped in the medium-long style.

The secret is simple and straightforward. Once a day when you feed your puppy place about a teaspoon of cod liver oil into the food. Not orange flavored, or cherry flavored. We have had issues of diarrhea with flavored cod liver oil. Only use the natural, unflavored, (clear) kind.  Dr. Ragland says this helps develop cartilage in the puppy and that’s what helps the ears stand. He recommends starting this a couple of weeks before the ears are actually cropped and continuing until the ears are standing.

We have had dobie ears cropped using this method and some cropped without using it. It may just be circumstance but every pup we have given cod liver oil to had their ears standing sooner and more erect than without it. Some folks with our pups have had their pups cropped without using cod liver oil and some have had a difficult and long time to get ears to stand. Take a look at both Baron and Zeus pictures. Their ears are perfect. It’s inexpensive to try, doesn’t hurt the pup and it’s good nutrition, so give it a try.

Do not try this at home

Naturally we say this tongue in cheek but we also say it with some seriousness. Needless to say, we have been at this awhile. Taping ears is something we simply will not do ourselves. It is much more an art than a science and we’ll give you a good example of what we mean.

Chestnut had her ears cropped.  She reached the three week point where her ears were almost standing, but not quite. We also noticed that her left ear was flopping more than the other and being pulled towards the center of her head by her strong head muscles. You can see the furrows those muscles make on her forehead in the picture to the left. We took her back to the vet and when the taping was done she came out with a wrap we had never seen before on any of our dogs. We laughed and said to Dr. Ragland that the techs must all have their own method of wrapping. He assured us that this particular taping was exactly what he ordered. He had looked at Chestnut and realized the way the muscles were pulling it would take some time for the ear to stand correctly and it would still be pulled to the center of her head. He instructed the tech to ‘twist’ the left ear to pull the head muscles a little bit in order to lengthen them so they would not pull the ear quite so tightly. This required a different wrap and none of our other dogs had needed it. A week later, when Chestnut’s ears were unwrapped for the final time, they were standing perfectly! This is why wrapping ears is something we would never attempt and we do not recommend it by any owner of one of our pups. Wrapping of ears is easy if all you’re doing is putting in a support and tape. Knowledge of what to do, and why and when to do it, is only obtained through years of experience.